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Pairing rigorous research with community-driven development, the DTHF is making a substantial contribution to service delivery and public health policy relating to HIV, tuberculosis and related infections in South Africa.

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HIV weekly news update in partnership with MedicalBrief

  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0051 - HIV News 25 March 2015

    Pre-treatment resistance and virologic failure

    Pre-treatment resistance and HIV-1 sub-type appear to be independently linked to virologic failure in HIV patients undergoing ART in resource-limited settings, according to results from the PEARLS trial.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0051 - HIV News 25 March 2015

    Drug combination effective

    A combination of two once-daily oral antiretrovirals – the next-generation integrase inhibitor cabotegravir and the approved NNRTI rilpivirine – was as effective as an efavirenz-based regimen as maintenance therapy to keep viral load suppressed.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0051 - HIV News 25 March 2015

    New three-drug TB regimen shows promise

    A new tuberculosis (TB) drug regimen designed to improve options for TB therapy eliminated more bacteria from sputum than standard therapy and did so at a faster rate, according to data from a phase 2b clinical trial in SA and Tanzania.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0051 - HIV News 25 March 2015

    Some weight gain linked to lower HIV mortality

    A weight gain of 4-9 kilograms was associated with lower mortality in normal-weight, HIV-infected individuals. However, there was no benefit in gaining weight for patients who were overweight or obese at the start of treatment.
  • MEDICALBRIEF Issue No 0051 - HIV News 25 March 2015

    PrEP cost-saving more than thought

    The cost of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent HIV infections against the lifetime total cost of one HIV infection finds that, using Canadian figures, PrEP would be cost-saving under most scenarios, even if the overall lifetime cost of HIV care falls.
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Youth Centre
Youth Centre

The DTHF Youth Centre

The DTHF Youth Centre complex in Masiphumelele was built in response to requests from the community for a safe, recreational space for young people. DTHF surveys record a high prevalence of HIV infection among youth in the community.

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Our Projects

Sensitivity Training

Key Populations Integrated Sensitivity Training Programme The Men’s team leads the development of a health care worker sensitization training manual …
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The Tutu Tester

The Tutu Tester mobile unit provides a free comprehensive health service to under serviced communities. It is in the field …
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Adult HIV Educational Programme

The manual for this distance learning course for doctors and nurses was updated in June 2014. The aim of the …
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Panel Discussions at CROI – Brian Kanyemba

Brian Kanyemba from the DTHF Men’s Division attended the Co-infections, Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections conference in Seattle February 2015.   His …
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AGS promotes ‘Health on Wheels’

AGS Movers are platinum sponsors of the annual FIDI international conference to be held in Cape Town 29th March – 1st …
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EU Commissioner & SA Minister visit CIDRI & the DTHF Youth Centre

On World AIDS Day (December 1st), a high-level delegation from the European Union and European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials …
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Weber-Parkes Trust Medal

Join us in warmly congratulating our Director, Prof Robin Wood, on his recently being awarded the Weber-Parkes Medal from the …
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